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Executive office program

Ktitor’s executive office program is intended for the work space of managers, and in accordance with that, we have designed furniture that is representative and elegant, but also modern and unpretentious, with the goal of creating a pleasant space for work and communication.

A large selection of models and customisable design allows you to create a unique solution that reflects the corporate attitude, but also the personal style of managers.


Executive office program

Office furniture

Following the world trends and design of furniture, in the jubilee year, the company offered five new product lines of office furniture to the Serbian and other markets, and redesigned and refreshed the existing ones with new and modern designs and colors.

Apart from selected designs and colors, all customers can personalize each of the product lines and thus adapt it to their own business and brand. They will receive free support from the project-design team with their creating and designing.

Executive office program

Operative program

Our operative furniture lines are designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. The modern design and the materials used give a striking visual identity to the office space, while at the same time providing very practical ergonomic solutions and optimal working conditions for employees.

A large selection of pieces of furniture, colors and the possibility of personalization to accommodate your space and identity, are the advantages that you can use to make your workspace a place where you feel satisfied and comfortable.


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