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Operative program

Our operative furniture lines are designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. The modern design and the materials used give a striking visual identity to the office space, while at the same time providing very practical ergonomic solutions and optimal working conditions for employees.

A large selection of pieces of furniture, colors and the possibility of personalization to accommodate your space and identity, are the advantages that you can use to make your workspace a place where you feel satisfied and comfortable.


Operative program


The two operative programs are characterized by playful forms that simultaneously represent the decor in the workspace, and make the work pleasant, creating the right environment for new business ventures. All tables can be ordered in two different MFC thicknesses, 25mm and 36mm, with a choice of wooden or metal table construction.

Operative program


The youthful design of the Ice operative program captivates with dynamic lines and fresh colors. Unusual forms of this program inspire and encourage the birth of new ideas, and as such represent an ideal addition to the modern work environment. The Ice program is made of MFC coated with foil in a pattern and color of your choice, and gives the room serenity and an airy look.

Operative program


Working in modern “open space” offices has made a real revolution in the design and the way of equipping business facilities with a large number of employees. Spacious work surfaces, made of 18mm, 25mm or 36mm thick MFC, combined with a contemporary design create the visual identity of the Link operative program that perfectly fits the needs of the modern workplace.

Operative program


Futuristic elegance and functional simplicity best describe the tables from this program. Made of foil-coated MFC this program gives an original note and unusual beauty to the ambience of the place. The stable construction of the tables is made of metal plasticized in black or white, with the possibility of raising or lowering to the desired height.

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